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Why value added water is preferred as the best than mineral water?

Our value added water is better because it contains fewer chemicals than tap water. Many of the tap water and value added water standards are the same for chemical contaminants. The only ones that are stricter for value added water are copper, fluoride and lead content. But fluoride to a definite extent is strong. Since fluoride was a healthy addition to value added water hence we mentionedour value added waterbuildersto include total fluoride on the labels of bottles.There is much speculation that kids who drink value added water are more likely to get cavities than children who drink tap water, as most municipalities add fluoride to their drinking water.


Our customers buyvalue added water because they dislike chlorine in their drinking water, whether for health or aesthetic concerns. However, small amounts of chlorine in water can keep it safe for drinking. When water goes through the chlorination process, a small amount is left in the water, so that it remains safe as the water travels from the water treatment facility to the tap.

Mineral water and spring water must be from a groundwater source and cannot contain any coliform bacteria. The composition of mineral water and spring water cannot be altered by adding chemicals, but carbon dioxide, fluoride and ozone can be added.Labels on mineral water and spring water must contain the location where the water came from, the amount of total dissolved salt content, the total fluoride content and if fluoride or ozone were added.If carbon dioxide is added to inorganic water or spring water, the water must be labeled as gaseous water.

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